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Curious Incident Meeting @ Magdalena's

Hi everyone, it seems we've got a great location picked out to have our discussion on Curious Incident... thanks for the suggestion. The place is Magdalena's tea room, located on Michigan Ave. across from the Green Door and next to Emil's. It seems there are varying weeknights that work for everyone, but from what mikeandrade said, the tea room owners suggest meeting between the hours of 1-5, which I'm guessing might not work so well for people who work during the week. Therefore I was wondering if any of you would be open to meeting on a Saturday or Sunday? I'll have to check to make sure the tea room is open both of those days. And if you can make it on a weekend do you prefer Saturday or Sunday?

Please respond and we'll try to get together very soon- I'd like to make it next week if possible so we don't forget the book too much. : ) Thank you all for your comments,suggestions and participation. I look forward to meeting and discussing the book with all of you. Also, even if you just joined and/or haven't read Curious Incident, I hope you'll still come. I'm sure there will be discussion on books in general not just this particular one.
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