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Hey there.

Hey everyone, I like reading and said I'd join this community a few weeks ago, so here I am.

I was sick two weeks ago and read a bunch of books: I finished Glue (I love Irvine Welsh so much it hurts,) read Farenheight 451 by Bradbury and The Tattooed Girl by Joyce Carol Oates. I love Oates, and she is quite possibly my favorite among favorite authors. I offen suffer from the delusion that I could be as great as she. It's a nice delusion.

So really, the only part of the sickness that was good was the reading. And now I'm onto 1984 by Orwell. My birthday's on Wednesday and while it would be kick ass to receive more books, I got my yearly Barnes and Noble gift certificate for Christmas, and don't think I'll be getting any for quite awhile.

Anyway, have any of you heard of Pat Conroy's cookbook? I was thinking about picking it up. I actually am quite charmed by southern food, and if the cookbook is half as good as his novels...well, I might just have dinner at my place.
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